Studio days

Together with other “textile enthusiasts” you can continue to work on projects that have already started in a cheerful group . Or plan and start a new project. Try new techniques. Browse Books. Experiment with the unknown. We love the variety of possibilities and share them with you.

On the studio days you will of course have all the tools available from our workshop. No needle or other tool will be missing. Small frames for small samplers, frames for larger projects. Braiding stools, smocking machine, knitting machine, sewing machine, stencil cutters and much more. Threads and fabrics from the fund of the workroom And of course books, books, books.

A coffee machine ensures the physical well-being, tea and water for the necessary liquid, so that the muscles do not cramp.

The fee also includes a pick-up and drop-off from Passau Hbf and your accommodation in Freyung. Wi-Fi and a desktop are also available.


  • Duration of the Seminar
    • Select any number of days within the specified dates
      • If you book a date that is already closed, we will contact you


  • Freely selectable from the following subjects
    • Hand Embroidery
      • all techniques
        • including. Metal and Bead Work
        • Ribbon Embroidery
    • Needlepoint Lace
    • Passementery
      • Hand-sewn boxes
      • Tassels
      • Cords
      • Braiding with the Marudai
    • Needle felting
    • Patchwork
      • simple shapes
      • Appliqué
    • Knitting
      • by hand
      • mechanical knitting machine
    • Crochet
      • regular
      • Lucette
      • Hair Pin Lace
    • Simple free motion machine embroidery
    • Mounting
      • embroidery frames
      • pictures

Sequence of Events


  • 12th-20th October 2018

Instruction Times

  • Supervised (incl. breaks)
    • 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
    • 1:30 p.m. – 4 p.m. H
  • Workshop Opening Hours
    • 09 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Language of Instruction

  • either German or English

Supplies and Basic Equipment

  • Free of charge for use during the seminar period
    • Tools
    • Devices
    • Machines
    • Library
    • threads from the fund of the workroom
    • experimental materials from the fund of the workroom
    • fabrics from the fund of the workroom
  • subject to a fee
    • supplies from the House of Textile Arts Sales Shelfs


  • Fee
    • €80 per day
      • Including. Legal value Added Tax


Certificate of Participation

  • prerequisite
    • actual participation at the booked time

Terms of Contract

as of July 2018

Conditions of participation Studio days

as of July 2018


  • registration must be online
  • is considered binding
  • If the desired date is no longer bookable, you will receive a message from us and suggestions for alternative dates

Written Documentation

  • In the case of received written study material, the following applies
    • copyright protected by ISTA
    • may not be copied, digitized or sold or rented in any other form to third parties
    • may only be used for own course purposes after prior written agreement


  • Must be in written form
    • email, fax, letter
  • until 35 days before the first studio day
    • free of charge
  • up to 15 days before the first studio day
    • Half of the tuition fee will be reimbursed
  • from 14 days before the first studio day
    • full price is due

Availability of the Workroom

  • workshop is open from 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. for participants
  • use of tools, equipment, material from the school’s fund
  • lLibrary is a reference library, books may not be borrowed

Tuition in the Workroom

  • 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
  • 1:30 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Exploitation Rights

  • students hereby expressly agree:
    • images of the study projects can be used in paper/digital form by ISTA
    • images on which a student is represented can be used in the same form
  • SIC! images themselves will never be passed on to third parties by Ista


Certificate of Participation

  • prerequisite
    • actual participation in the booked time

Payment Terms

  • Due Dates
    • 28 days before the first day of study
  • Payment Methods
    • Sepa Direct Debit (DE/EU/other SEPA countries)
    • Credit Card
    • PayPal
    • Giro Transfer
  • SIC! Costs for materials from the funds of the workroom are free of charge (exception: fabrics), supplies from the sales room are not included in the fee

Contractual Conditions

  • contract is based on the application
  • is accepted by the registration confirmation
  • Place of jurisdiction is the registered office of Ista

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